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Financial Restructuring

One of the main functions of the finance manager is to optimize the cost of capital of the company. In order to do so he needs to constantly look for increasing the efficiency of borrowing and reduction of finance costs.

Our team, with its vast taxation, accounting and regulatory expertise provides comprehensive solutions for financial reconstruction and re-capitalisation requirements. Restructuring can be triggered off either from the asset side of the balance sheet or the liabilities side. It is a complex financial cum legal process and involves various stages depending on the type of company being restructured and the status of the capital in the books of the company and its creditors.

Some possible way outs for financial restructuring in a company are:

Debt Restructuring: It needs expertise with blend of experience to come up with solutions for restructuring of borrowings, by reducing cost of capital, improving liquidity and cash flow.

Equity Restructuring: It is the restructuring and reorganisation of shareholders fund and reserves appearing in the balance-sheet of the company. Equity restructuring is driven by strategic financial considerations such as optimization of capital structure and cost of capital.


Loan Syndication

Executing a debt financing is a critical, intricate and often complicated process. We help companies gain timely access to loan financing by managing all aspects of the syndication process, from inception through completion. We have been a dominant player in all kinds of Loan Syndication including working capital, project finance and term loans for various existing and new projects. Identifying, structuring, documenting and arranging loan is our business.

Our Staff of syndication professionals has years of experience in syndications, relationship management and credit positions. We always take into consideration various guidelines issued by Ministry of Finance and the Reserve Bank of India.

The route of raising the fund through foreign currency borrowings and external commercial borrowings (ECB) is also recommended by us but only after an in-depth analysis of the company vis-à-vis the conditions prevailing in the domestic and the international currency markets. The Term Loans are syndicated through major International Financial Institutions and Banks in India. We take care of the administrative arrangements over the term of the loan.

Private Equity

We assists high-growth; quoted and unquoted companies raise necessary capital to meet their growth objectives. We have dedicated Private Equity team providing a seamless services network. Our experienced private equity team offers market insight and an array of advisory services to assist small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs seeking PE funding anywhere in the country.

Typical private equity funding engagements would have the following phases.

Phase 1: Understanding Clients
Phase 2:
Roadshow and Investor Shortlisting
Phase 3:
Commercial Term Sheet
Phase 4:
Due Diligence and Closure

Our representation is characterized by a long-term, strategic advisory approach. work closely with clients to refine their overall resources execute those resources and to evaluate, structure, negotiate and close their deals.

IPO Preparation

“Raising equity through an IPO is a unique way of raising capital since it permanently changes the profile of a company and the way the promoters and the management need to think thereafter.” When the primary markets are very strong, there is a natural temptation to take a company public since the cost of raising such funds is very low and the company gets much more than its fair valuation.

After the primary discussions with clients, on receiving the assignment ensure that all our activities are towards the adherence of relevant statues, laws and regulations to ensure maximum shareholders interest. We with our vast experienced team handle such things very efficiently.

We believe that a careful IPO preparation and complete knowledge of the dynamics of the IPO - Structuring, Pre-marketing, Marketing and Pricing are the key factors for meeting the criteria of success in the IPO and enjoying the benefits of being a listed company.

Preparing for an IPO is a strategic, financial and merchant banking decision. The process involves many external parties, who have different roles in securing the success in an IPO and must possess experience in the complete process.



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