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Risk Management and Control Assurance

In a world of over-capacity and high competition, convergence, consolidation and new business models, organizations must take more risk to be profitable. Increasingly, management recognizes that the ability to take more risk than competitors and manage it effectively is a source of competitive advantage. But unless managed risk can become futile for any organisation. We help implement self-assessment of risk and control, using proven methodologies, training, and software solutions. We independently diagnose the strategic exposure to risk and review the financing arrangements over insurable risk. We offer best practice in business risk management and systems of internal control to meet the increasing demands of corporate governance and regulation.


Quality Assurance Reviews

A Quality Assurance Review (QAR) is a strategic assessment of an internal audit function, including its infrastructure, staff experience, and performance relative to business goals, "best practices", and applicable standards. We take a flexible approach to a QAR, which is customized to meet the sponsor's specific concerns. Our approach considers the efficiency, productivity, and impact of the internal audit department on the organization.
We ascertain whether the department:

• Performs an effective role in the organization's overall control environment
• Focuses the right people on the right issues
• Is appropriately risk oriented
• Uses technology effectively
• Provides value-added results
• Adheres to appropriate internal audit standards and industry practices.


IT Risk Management

The current economic environment is driving many companies to investigate the options available for reshaping and restructuring their IT function. We offer tailored services, covering IT risk assessment and management, security and privacy through to review of controls over specific enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and third parties. We identify the right way to work with you and offer services via independent outsourced or teaming arrangements, to supplement internal functions or provide objective guidance and challenges.

Our professionals provide independent, impartial assistance in IT and across the business, bringing insights from our work with commercial and government organizations, as well as knowledge of industry leading practice, regulation and financial audit requirements.


Performance Improvement

The current business environment presents a constant stream of both challenges and opportunities. Against this backdrop of change, the market’s expectation is for sustained, year-on-year growth.

To reach their potential, organizations must continuously improve their performance and sustain that improvement. We provide specialised expert advise to organisations to improve their performance primarily through the Analysis of Existing Business problems and development of plans best suitable to it looking to the capacity, management efficiency and Financial set up. Other services include providing organisational change, management assistance, development of coaching skills, technology implementations, strategy development & operations improvement.



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